Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jennifer Levin Murder in Central Park

Facts in the case of Jennifer Levin
by Traciy Curry Reyes

The real story took place in Central Park in Manhattan on August 26, 1986. Jennifer Levin’s body had been found strangled. Robert Chambers was a very handsome young man that Jennifer Levin was interested in dating. He accidentally strangled Jennifer Levin during rough "intimate encounter" according to him. Robert Chambers was charged with 1st degree manslaughter. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Much of his time was spent in Auburn Correctional Facility in Upstate New York. Every time Chambers was up for parole, Jennifer Levin’s mother did everything possible to make sure he stayed in prison. This crime made national headlines. It was the subject of talk shows and tabloid magazine articles. Jennifer Levin’s reputation was smeared in the press.

Jennifer Levin's father, Stephen Levin has only gone back to the cemetery to visit his daughter's grave a couple of times because it was just too painful. He still lives in New York. Her mother, Ellen, along with Jennifer's sister, moved away after the trial. Ellen Levin and Stephen are divorced. Stephen Levin respects everything that Ellen has done for victims rights reform. In 1988 Ellen Levin won a $25 million suit against Robert. They also settled with Dorrian’s for $100,000. Ellen Levin had accused the establishment of selling liquor to minors, a charge which the owners have vehemently denied.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where is Robert Chambers Now

Many people wonder what ever happened to Robert Chambers the Preppy Murderer. Here are a few shots of him now. He's not doing so well...Still handsome though.

Here are a few articles about the charges he's under now with his new girlfriend. They tried to make a life for themselves by staying out of the spotlight. But, after a few financial mishaps, he was busted for a cocaine operation in 2007. He plead guilty in 2008 and sentenced to 19 years in prison.

Headed Back to Prison

Another article on Robert Chamber's Coke Bust

Photos of Robert Chambers the Preppy Killer

Friday, May 29, 2009

Jennifer Levin photo